Vol 15, No 2 (2009)

1. Editor’s note
Guy Callender
Page: i |PDF

2. Understanding Voluntary Disclosures in Australia
Norhani Aripin, Greg Tower and Grantley Taylor
Pages: 1-16 | PDF

3. Generational Stratification: Aspirations of Generation Next
Ruth Taylor, Kandy Dayaram, Jane Coffey and Kirsten Holmes
Pages: 17-32 | PDF

4. Performance Auditing in the Public Sector: Reconceptualising the Task
Stuart Kells and Graeme Hodge
Pages: 33-60 | PDF

5. Interest Rate Spread in Kenya: Results of a Survey of Commercial Banks
Dulacha Barako and Ali Abdinasi
Pages: 61-72 | PDF

6. Determinants of Fair Value Financial Instrument and Share-based Payment Disclosure Patterns
of Australian Listed Firms
Meng Wei and Grantley Taylor
Pages: 73-94 | PDF

7. Internal Corporate Governance and Organisational Performance: Evidence from Indonesia
Amin Wibowo, Robert Evans and Mohammed Quaddus
Pages: 95-111 | PDF