Volume 12, No 2 (2006)

1. Editor’s note
Guy Callender
Page: i |PDF

2. Institutional Investors: Do They Have a Role in the Monitoring of Corporate Performance?
Margaret Nowak and Margaret McCabe
Pages: 1-14 | PDF

3. The State Tradition in Australia: Reassessing an Earlier View
Roger Wettenhall
Pages: 15-46 | PDF

4. An Exploration of the Attributes of International Harmonisation Indices Using the T-index
Emita W Astami, Greg Tower and Ross Taplin
Pages: 47-66 | PDF

5. The Smoothing Potential of Depreciation for Local Authorities
Robyn Pilcher
Pages: 67-80 | PDF

6. US Economic Announcements: Do They Convey Information to the Australian Share Market?
Ian Hyland, Sean Chinnery and John Evans
Pages: 81-101 | PDF

7. Valuing Athletes
Chris Gusenzow and Greg Tower
Pages: 103-122 | PDF