Volume 13, No 1 (2007)

1. Editor’s note
Guy Callender
Page: i |PDF

2. The Modernised Public Sector: Implications for Negative Workplace Interactions and Bullying
Maryam Omari and Peter Standen
Pages: 1-14 | PDF

3. A French-Australian Comparison of Responsibilities for the Monitoring of Security and Privacy
Issues Resulting from the Introduction of New Information Technologies
Lynn M Batten and Gwendal Le Grand
Pages: 15-30 | PDF

4. The World in 2015: A Survey of Major Trends and Drivers
Helen Cabalu
Pages: 31-56 | PDF

5. Social and Environmental Disclosure of Australian and Canadian Oil and Gas Firms: An
Information Costs Perspective
Inderpal Singh and J-L W Mitchell van der Zahn
Pages: 57-75 | PDF

6. Why the Australian Government Does Not Use Decision Support Systems for Tobacco Control
among Adolescents
Sonja Petrovic-Lazarevic
Pages: 77-86 | PDF

7. Following the Rules?: A Mixed Message from Indonesia
Alistair Brown, Greg Tower and Agus Setyadi
Pages: 87-104 | PDF