Volume 16, No 2 (2010)

1. Editor’s note
Guy Callender
Page: i |PDF

2. Risk Society and Governance: Current Issues and Challenges
Arie Halachmi.
Pages: 1-27 | PDF

3.In Vino Veritas: An Overview of the Legal Issues Relating to the Use of Alcohol in the
Anna Bunn and Robert Guthrie
Pages: 29-39 | PDF

4. The Impact of the Beijing Olympic Sponsorship Program on Annual Report Social Disclosure of
Local Sponsors.
Theo Christopher and Juncheng Hu
Pages: 41-59 | PDF

5. Corporate Governance Systems’ Impact on the Global Automotive Industry’s Communication
of Financial Ratios.
Greg Tower, Norhani Aripin, Raja Ahmad, Raja Adzrin and Spence Tower
Pages: 61-77 | PDF

6. The Value of Procurement to an Organisation
Emily Bulbeck.
Pages: 79-91 | PDF