Volume 17, No 2 (2011)

1. Editor’s Note
Guy Callender
Page: i |PDF

2. Federalism in Australia: A concept in search of understanding
Eric Windholz
Pages: 1-18 | PDF

3. Diaspora philanthropy and its influences: An Australian perspective
Christopher Baker and Bruno Mascitelli
Pages: 19-31 | PDF

4. The challenges of polyphony: A perspective on New Zealand local government
Jonathan Barrett
Pages: 33-44 | PDF

5. Targets for low SES participation in Australian higher education: geographical measures and
state boundaries
Paul Koshy
Pages: 45-62 | PDF

6. Small business development: a comparison of programs in American cities and counties
Christopher Atkinson
Pages: 63-84 | PDF

7. The viability of a pre-filled income tax return system for Malaysia
Idawati Ibrahim and Jeff Pope
Pages: 85-101 | PDF

8. Corporate social responsibility in Sri Lanka: The impact of government influence, societal
expectations and the 2004 Tsunami
Tilina Dharmaratne, Theo Christopher and Lisa Cullen
Pages: 103-119 | PDF