Volume 21, No 1 (2015)

1. Editorial
Barry O’Mahony and Subhash Abhayawansa
Pages: 3-4 |PDF

2. Use of Management Accounting Practices in Carbon Emission Management: Evidence from
Australian Companies
Jayanthi Kumarasiri
Pages: 5-22 | PDF

3. SME contributions for diversification and stability in emerging economies – An empirical study
of the SME segment in the Qatar economy
Raj Fernandez and Shaukat Ali
Pages: 23-45 | PDF

4. Talent Culture’s Role in Talent Development among Academics: Insights from Malaysian
Government Linked Universities
Dass Mohan, Siva Muthaly and John Annakis
Pages: 46-71 | PDF

5. An investigation of the main factors to be considered in cloud computing adoption in
Australian regional local councils
Omar Ali, Jeffrey Soar and Jianming Yong
Pages: 72-93 | PDF