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Keywords : Brand

A Review Study on the Brand Image on the Customer’s Perspective


Journal of Contemporary Issues in Business and Government, 2021, Volume 27, Issue 3, Pages 772-778
DOI: 10.47750/cibg.2021.27.03.108

The study paper reflects on the effect of branding on customer behavior. Brand awareness is a significant consideration here. As the customer is more knowledgeable of a brand but has all the awareness from its price, cost, etc., the further they would be drawn to the brand. The stage of loyalty rises with age. Community is by far the most prominent reference population in the world. Consumers who may be more interactive are influenced by their peers through social media platforms. Consumers who may be more mindful of their position are more apparent over those who haven't conscious of their status. The brand name on customer buying behavior is at the demonstration in buying for products and services. Consumers are impacted by various social, emotional, cultural and behavioral circumstances. The study deals with the findings of the study, the aim of that was to consider the effect of branded product mostly on the influence of customers in buying a product. The goal of the study is to think about the very reality that perhaps a brand does have an impact on the consumer's decision-making method. Throughout the end, it was assumed that the label was affected by the customer's actions in addition to the following contingent and response variables.

A Conceptual Outlook Concerning Brand Management


Journal of Contemporary Issues in Business and Government, 2021, Volume 27, Issue 3, Pages 2343-2349
DOI: 10.47750/cibg.2021.27.03.288

According to the American market association (2010), brand is a term, symbol, name, design, term or any other attribute that can be used to identify the products or services of the company. Globalization has increased the competition in market, education has increased the level of customer awareness about the products, increased level of income has made people brand users and social aspect has made people using branded goods a symbol of social image. Thus, it is very important to understand for a marketer that having a brand is not enough but the effective brand management is also important. Everyday new products, substitutes are coming in the market with innovative features, and attractive prices. In this situation, it is one of difficult issue or challenge to deal with brand management. It is important question before the managers to know that how to maintain the brand equity in the continuously changing environment, where the needs and expectations of the customers are changing continuously. The three important elements of brand equity are brand awareness, brand association and brand loyalty. Brand awareness shows the level of customers to identify the product of the company, brand associations shows the associations between brand and the customer and brand loyalty shows the loyalty of the customers towards the brand. These three elements of the brand equity help in managing a brand by the company.

Brand Snapshot: A new marketing tool

Akanksha Dutta; Dr. Anupam Sharma

Journal of Contemporary Issues in Business and Government, 2021, Volume 27, Issue 2, Pages 3671-3681
DOI: 10.47750/cibg.2021.27.02.379

It has been proposed that make and legacy usually summarizes a role in snapshot where
the impression of brand and product arouses customers sentiments that take out the larger
participation and accord to the in between activity with the brand. The purpose of this study is to
understand how the snapshot experience could initiate the in between activities of the brands and
the intended audience, in such a way that it can be used as a commercial instrument for the
A netnographic research tool has been used for the present study as it is the perfect combination
of internet and ethnography which is designed to study the virtual communitie s. The involvement
of brand snapshot postings on Zivame were considered by observing the users snapshot to forecast
the brand utilization. A thoughtful sample of Zivame users was chosen, and from those, a total of
50 brand snapshots were observed.

Factors Affecting Consumer Goods Buyers’ Choice in E-Commerce Sites: Evidence from Vietnam


Journal of Contemporary Issues in Business and Government, 2021, Volume 27, Issue 2, Pages 892-898
DOI: 10.47750/cibg.2021.27.02.107

The main purpose of this study is to find the factors affecting the consumer goods buyers’ choice on e-commerce sites in Vietnam. By using the quantitative method, the paper examines the theoretical research model and tests four hypotheses. The sample was drawn from the population of e-commerce sites in Vietnam comprising about 1,000 respondents. This study used the questionnaire method to collect primary data to test the hypotheses. Data analysis of the questionnaire was done using SPSS. The results show that there is a correlation between personal preferences of consumers on colors and brands and their actual final choice on e-commerce sites in Vietnam. The most important factor affecting the consumer goods buyers’ choice on e-commerce in Vietnam is the brand of E-commerce site, following by the color and position. Among all educational groups, respondents with a Master degree pay the biggest attention to the site’s color attribute, and those with a Bachelor degree pay more attention to the brand attribute. Women pay much more attention to the location of the products on the screen than men, as do consumers with a PhD degree, over respondents with a Bachelor or Master degree, and foreigners over Vietnamese consumers.

Impact Of Celebrity Endorsement Advertisement On Consumers

Ms. Sarima Thakur

Journal of Contemporary Issues in Business and Government, 2021, Volume 27, Issue 1, Pages 2481-2485

Advertisement plays important role within the present era of data explosion.
Celebrity endorsement may be a channel during which a star acts as a spokesperson of
the brand. Celebrities performances give spectacular results when shaping the
common opinion because people have faith in their favourites. Celebrity may be
a generic name for the person from any field of popular industry like filmmaking,
sports, politics, social life, science, or theatre with some extraordinary results of
excellent cause and positive value.
In ever growing competitive market Celebrities testimonial and advice are the best tool
available for marketing. The celebrity Endorsement creates the best impact in the
global market for building brand reputation. This research paper specifically discusses
about how endorsement of product by celebrity effect consumers’ purchasing

Factors Affecting Smartphone Purchase Decisions of Generation-Y

Nushrat Shabrin, Sarod Khandaker, Saad Bin Abul Kashem, Chan Kit Hie, Teresa Susila

Journal of Contemporary Issues in Business and Government, 2017, Volume 23, Issue 1, Pages 47-65

Smartphones have become an indispensable part of daily life of GenerationY. Currently, Generation-Y accounts for the biggest proportion of the Malaysian population, and they are the main users of smartphones. The main objective of this research is to determine the factors influencing the smartphone purchase decisions of Generation-Y. Based on a literature review and survey, this study finds seven factors that influence smartphone purchase decisions: brand, convenience, dependency, price, social influence, product feature and social needs. The research used a questionnaire with a 5-point Likert scale for data collection and a sample of 152 respondents (Generation-Y) from the Kuching region of Malaysia. We find evidence that social influence, product feature, and brand image have significant positive impacts on the smartphone purchasing decisions. Other factors, such as convenience, dependency, price and social needs were statistically insignificant.